You expect a qualified legal service from us. Right. As is so often the case in life, quality also has your price. Let’s talk about costs.

In the area of the notary, fees are determined according to the GNotKG, which applies to all notaries in Germany. This law is obligatory for all notaries and must not be exceeded or exceeded. We therefore ask for your understanding that we must answer “no” to the question (whether or not the purchase contract can not be 10% cheaper).

In the area of lawyer’s duties, the fee usually begins with an initial consultation fee for a first contact for a consumer. This is up to 190.

– €; You get a unique interview with a lawyer, who also provides essential letters and try to assess the facts. The production of letters or contact with the opponent is not covered.

If our activities go beyond such an initial consultation, there are several possibilities:

– The billing can be done according to the RVG (lawyers’ compensation law), the fees regulations for lawyers.

– Billing can be carried out according to time (hourly rate calculation). Such a settlement form will be described e.g. Often in very time-consuming cases.

– The settlement can be made with a flat rate.

– In individual cases, other billing possibilities are possible, e.g. A success story.

Please note:

– In judicial proceedings the fees under the RVG may not be undercutted by a remuneration agreement.

– If you have a legal protection insurance, we are also happy to count on this. Please note, however, that many cases (and unfortunately often the most serious ones) are not insured and you have often agreed to a deductible with your legal expenses insurance.

– If it appears from the documents available to us that there is the possibility to claim legal aid, we will point out to you.

– We ask for your understanding that we have to work cost-effectively. This can lead us to have cases with too small a value (you want to have your operating cost check checked because you have to pay € 13.40) either only if you have a compensation agreement concluded or refused.

– All prices are exclusive of VAT; Any costs incurred and travel expenses will be charged.