Inheritance Law

You inherited? Congratulations and hearty condolences! Rarely does family harmony cease as fast as after a legacy, especially when the testator has not made sufficient provision and either has left no, an aged or bad disposition
Assertion or defense of inheritance claims, challenging of wills, building disputes, assertion or defense of compulsory claims
Foreclosure procedure for the abolition of the Community
Are you worried that your children are arguing about the estate and that their family assets are aging too quickly? Protect yourself from it and arrange for example. An executor’s will. We also accept wills.
You have a holiday home abroad, e.g. in Spain? Special precautions are necessary to prevent unwanted consequences of inheritance law. We advise on the new EU law on succession.
You have inherited an apartment, full of old furniture, carpets, pictures, etc., and you have no idea whether or what is worth it and have no time to deal with it? We take care of estate processing and cooperate with selected auction houses, antique dealers, jewelers and other specialist shops.