Claims Management

Assertion or defense against claims
You have a claim, but the customer does not pay? Two reminders have been unsuccessful; now it is time for the lawyer. We assert your claims and, if necessary, obtain an enforceable title, either in the court order or in civil proceedings.
We work all over Germany and Europe. We usually take care of our own appointments, even outside of Berlin, and at a larger distance we work together with local law firms.
We shall execute existing titles, e.g. In the context of foreclosure or foreclosure of real estate.
You have a title, but the debtor has moved to Austria at once? Or, you have a foreign title, but the debtor lives at once in another Germany? The EU regulation No. 1215/2012 replaced the old Brussels I regulation as of January 10, 2015. The new features will facilitate and accelerate EU cross-border enforcement; Then now usually only one certificate of enforcement is required. We take care of the enforcement of foreign titles in Germany and vice versa.
The worst case has happened, your debtor has fallen into bankruptcy? We report your claim in the insolvency proceedings and negotiate with the insolvency administrator.
You are in default with the payment of your mobile phone bill etc., and now you have not only been denounced the contract but also asked for the double or triple of what you would actually have to pay? Then you have probably received a letter from a collection office. Do not be intimidated! With these, one must and can negotiate, one must speak only their language. We help you with the defense of roughly excessive demands.