Notary’s office

The notary, unlike the lawyer, is not a representative of a party. He provides as an independent expert for legal and legal forms.
We will take care of you from simple signing up to the difficult contract, whenever you need our help,
The notary’s services include the following:

Corporate law

Company formation, certification of resolutions, conversion of companies, company purchase contracts, monitoring of shareholders ‘and shareholders’ meetings, capital measures and trade register applications.

Real estate

Sale of real estate in real estates, sale of real estate in companies, sale of real estate.
Subjugation to foreclosure (in the case of commercial tenancy agreements), rent cancellation agreements.

Family law

Do you want to marry or get married? You still have the story of your buddy from the tennis club in the back, who got rid of his last shirt in his divorce? It does not have to stop you, you just have to make provision!
Contracts for non-partnerships, marriage contracts, contracts for registered partnerships, separation and divorce succession agreements.
Have you become a father (or mother) or will it soon? Congratulation! If you are not married now, there is acute need for action. Paternity recognition, custody of family rights, contracts for the regulation of the family name, custody of justice, adoption.

Inheritance law

Wills, inheritance contracts, building contracts, donation contracts.
Applications for inheritances, inheritance contracts, building disputes.
You are married to an EU foreigner, reside in the EU or intend to go there? Inheritance law in other countries differs in part from German inheritance law. We advise on last – minute orders with foreign nationals, in particular according to the EU law on inheritance law.


Priority negotiations

Power of attorney

General powers, powers of attorney for special cases (for example, the sale of real estate or power of attorney), precautionary powers and patient prescriptions.
As a rule, we are certified by our law firm. And, in important cases, we also come to your home, to the hospital or to a senior citizen’s home. Please make an appointment!
We reported cases from all over Germany, in some cases also abroad. You want to sell your hereditary multi-family house in Munich or your holiday house at the Baltic Sea? No problem! The only prerequisite: the certification must take place in the state of Berlin.