Family law

  1. Before finalization

Do you want to marry or get married? Congratulations on finding a Chosen One!
You heard of friends who got rid of their last shirt during their divorce and want to protect themselves from it?
Then think about a marriage contract in time, before the marriage. In a marriage contract, you can choose various modules, in particular rules on matrimonial property and possible maintenance payments.
The marriage contract must be notarized, otherwise it is ineffective. Let us advise you, we will help you.

  1. Termination

One of the spouses comes from an outside European country? Then it can sometimes be a long list, which the state office wants to see documents. In this connection, the ombudspersonal declarations of the spouse concerned and two witnesses that the spouse is unmarried are customary. Such declarations of oath can be notarized by us in a notarial manner.

  1. Children are coming!

You become a father or a mother, but you are not married?
Then there is a lot to settle. The father must sign a paternity certificate, nowadays usually combined with a statement of due diligence. You must agree on the child’s name and determine it. All this is done in a notarial deed.

  1. The paternity challenge

If you are not (more) sure whether you are indeed the father, there is the paternity challenge. This is usually done today with a genetic report.

  1. Due diligence

In case of doubt, you have a will. But what happens to your underage children, who come to grandma or friends?
In the event of an emergency, you only want to trust your loved ones to whom you trust 100%. Establish a right of care so that it is ensured in an emergency.

  1. In the crisis

Your marriage / life partnership has been in a crisis?
You have heard of friends who have been so bitterly contending for years that they can no longer speak to each other?
Set the most important points in advance in a separation and divorce succession agreement.
We negotiate or sign such an agreement for you.
This is not only cheaper than a disputed divorce, it is usually also faster. In particular, it allows you to work with each other in the future. Because, unfortunately, many forget this situation: Even if you are divorced, you remain parents for your whole life and have to make decisions together for your children.

  1. The dispute in dispute

It comes to the worst, the disputed divorce. We support and represent you in the assertion and defense of entitlement claims, questions of property disputes, compensation and parental care.

  1. The dispute about the child

The most stressful is when parents dispute your dispute on the back of your children. This can cause the child to be used as a weapon.
In a dispute over the child, childhood must always be the focus. We help you with the dispute about the right to care or to deal with, often involving the youth office or state and private counseling centers.
We reserve the right to reject cases if we have the impression that parents are not concerned about the child’s well-being but their own interests.

  1. International activity

At the same time, we represent our clients both in Germany and in Spain and in Latin America both in court and out of court. Especially in family law our clients appreciate that they can communicate with us in their mother tongue.
In the case of judicial disputes with foreign nationals, we will, if necessary, hire lawyers in the respective country.