Service for our Spanish-speaking clients

Dr. Bente spent some time in South America and speaks fluent Spanish. It can also translate into the Latin mentality and help you to achieve your right.

We offer some services especially for our Spanish-speaking clients

In the notary

Authentication of documents, e.g. Certificates
Power of attorney, e.g. For the transfer of vehicles
Her father / mother died abroad? You do not have the time and the possibility to deal with the regulation of the inheritance from a great distance? Give a confidant a power to handle the inheritance for you (so-called inheritance settlement authority).
You want to go to Latin America alone with a minor child who is a Latin-American? You need a notarized travel authorization from the non-traveling parent!
You want to marry or get married, but have a “Latin” nationality? The registry office will provide you with a so-called Certificate of unilaterality. To do this, you and your two witnesses, who have known each other for a long time, have to submit an affidavit that they are not already married or spoiled.
You want to buy a property in Spain or Latin America, but do not have the time to fly over permanently? Grant a plot of land!
You are a company in Spain and want to expand your business to Germany? We advise you on the foundation of your subsidiary in Germany or the opening of a branch office.

Real Estate

You would like to purchase a property in a Spanish-speaking country, e.g. in Mallorca? The legal orders there are often very different than in Germany. Without advice in the run-up, errors can occur, which can become expensive later.
We will help you, if necessary in cooperation with a law firm in the respective state.

Foreigners’ rights

Do you have difficulties with the immigration authorities? We negotiate with you and accompany you on request at the Foreigners’ Office.
We advise you on the procurement of necessary documents.
Are you threatened by deportation? We develop solution concepts with you.
Please note: The rules have become stricter and we can not conjure. Come to us in time. Once the identity card is placed on the table with immediate enforceability, it is often too late.
You live as a foreigner in Germany and now want to marry a spouse from your home country and / or make up your minor children? We advise you on family reunion.

Nationality right

You have been living in Germany for several years, you feel comfortable here and would like to stay here? We advise you on your naturalization procedure.
Are you going to give your foreign nationality in connection with naturalization? Under certain circumstances one can (also) keep his other nationality, which is not easy. We advise you on the necessary applications.

Labor law / social insurance law

Advice on the conclusion of German employment contracts, including an introduction to the German social insurance system

Company founding

Do you want to become self-employed? Your employer has offered you a company to take over?
We advise you on your way to independence, help you to find the legal form appropriate to your project, considering social insurance and tax issues. We examine or draft the contracts necessary for your project, e.g. Employment contracts, leases or leases.
In the notarial office, we certify the foundation of your company, in particular a limited liability company or an entrepreneur company (limited liability).
Would you like to find out about best tax practices? We work with your tax consultant or make recommendations, if you wish.

Social justice

Advice on the essential claims, in particular according to HARTZ IV